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We design, deliver and maintain entrance solutions according to the individual needs of our customers. With over 20 years of experience and regardless of brand. Loading bridges, equipment and premises as well as various industrial doors are our most special area of expertise.
Loading equipment and facilities

Lifting tables increase efficiency, work safety and work ergonomics. They are best suited as equipment for production lines and loading docks, where the loads are heavy, the working positions are difficult or the height difference between the vehicle and the loading dock is large. Lifting tables are always manufactured according to the dimensions and lifting capacity required by the customer.

The lift-bridge table combination is suitable for loading docks where space is limited. It combines the best features of a loading bridge and a lifting table, which serve for loading and unloading, especially in places where the heights and characteristics of the cars to be loaded differ considerably.

Loading bridges with protruding tips make loading even more effortless. Thanks to the large contact surface between the vehicle and the loading bridge, loading is efficient and smooth. Fully hydraulic loading docks ensure it’s safe too.

Swivel tip loading bridges guarantee safe and functional loading and unloading. The most important function of the folding tip loading bridge is to equalize the difference in height between the vehicle and the loading platform and to improve work safety with the help of full hydraulics.

Two- or three-part container loading bridges are intended for unloading and loading containers. Cost-effective and manually operated loading bridges do not require foundations, but are installed directly on the threshold steel. The end result is a durable and maintenance-free loading bridge that serves customers who rely on traditional solutions.

Insulated or non-insulated loading bays make loading more flexible and at the same time they save energy. Weather protection and insulation increase efficiency and meaningfulness of work. The loading docks are supplied in standard dimensions – or they can be manufactured according to the customer’s individual dimensions, color wishes and equipment.

The loading space system includes all the necessary parts: loading bridge, loading space, seal and door.

Corner shelves are suitable for locations where space is very limited. Corner tables can be manufactured according to standard angles or according to the customer’s individual wishes. We also make painted or galvanized stairs for access to loading facilities or buildings. All load-bearing steel structures are always manufactured according to standard 1090-1.

NEW! Loading bridges and seals available directly from our warehouse. Contact us and request an offer!

Industrial doors

Designing entrance solutions is everyday for us. But every customer always has their own needs. That’s when the experience is highlighted. Years of work on entrance solutions, loading equipment and steel products guarantee that the customer always gets what he wants – an excellent end result.

Lift doors are compact, easy to use and durable. They work in any conditions, and they do not require space on the sides of the doorway during the opening phase. Lift doors are also available with full glazing. The door that moves parallel to the ceiling is easy to use and safe, and it saves energy thanks to its insulation.

High-speed roller doors work best in locations where goods move quickly from one space to another. The quick-rolling doors intended for both indoor and outdoor use are almost airtight, and they prevent, for example, the transfer of moisture and dirt between production facilities. Quick-rolling doors can be easily customized to individual needs thanks to a wide selection of colors, accessories and windows. We also sell two-way quick-rolling doors shown in the picture.

Folding doors are best suited for locations with limited ceiling space. Because folding doors do not require official inspections or separate maintenance, they are an excellent solution for e.g. repair shops, industrial halls, laundry halls or production facilities.

Jovi slatted roller doors are suitable for many different applications due to their ease of use, reliability and light construction. They function as space dividers and burglar bars in display windows and gateways: whether it’s business premises in a shopping center, loading docks in logistics centers or, for example, shop premises in gas stations. Slatted roller doors meet the requirements of burglary protection classification 2 and are safety tested by VTT.

Fire sliding doors are designed to withstand high temperatures and high fire loads. The door is completely sealed at the top and sides, so it effectively prevents the spread of fire.

We cooperate with customers who operate in both domestic and international markets. It means that we have to meet the safety requirements of European Union directives - that's why all our products are CE marked.

In the construction industry, the CE marking enables the free movement of construction products in countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

CE marking is one of the few ways to legally certify a construction product for different market areas. The uniform requirements and procedures of the CE marking replace local product certificates and approvals.

Since the CE marking means harmonized product certification rules in all countries of the European Economic Area, it is an absolute prerequisite for our customers’ success. CE-marked products are important to customers and may influence purchase decisions, especially when competing products are almost the same price.

Thus, CE-marked products are a strong competitive advantage, and they offer the possibility of easier access to the European internal market.

More information:

By affixing the CE mark to the product, the manufacturer assures that the product complies with all relevant regulations, especially those relevant to health, safety and environmental protection.

The CE marking shows that the products are manufactured in accordance with the latest EU regulations. In addition, it expresses the technical characteristics of the product in a consistent way, which facilitates the comparison of products from different manufacturers.

It is easy to identify products with the CE mark. The CE marking of Anjalankoski Terästyön’s products is clearly visible in the product descriptions and delivery documents, such as the attachments to the load book and the declaration of conformity.

We manufacture load-bearing steel structures according to standard 1090-1. VTT Expert Services Oy has evaluated our production quality assurance and found that it meets the requirements of EN1090 implementation classes EXC 1, EXC 2 and EXC 3. According to this, we deliver CE-marked steel structures.

The lifting tables and loading bridges are CE marked and we manufacture them according to the EC machinery directive and the EMC directive.

JOVI slatted roller doors have been tested in accordance with the standard SFS-EN 13241-1 + A1, which verified safe opening and impact forces. VTT Expert Services has assessed that the JOVI slatted roller door meets the requirements of the standard. According to this, the JOVI slatted roller door is CE marked.

Performance Level Notifications: (In Finnish only)
Structural ferritic, austenitic and austenitic-ferritic assemblies and subassemblies in steel groups 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2 and 3 and 8 and 10 (.pdf)
JOVI slatted roller door as a space dividing element in all types of construction sites (.pdf)

During more than 20 years, we have cooperated with many different partners. We have designed, installed and maintained countless industrial doors, loading equipment and facilities. Our customer projects have covered companies all over Finland, because we are used to being successful in all operating environments and conditions.

The loading bridge contract for Lidl’s new logistics center in Järvenpää was carried out in 2017–2018. The large complex consists of a total of 160 loading bridges.


In June 2014, the Kaukokiito logistics center located in Myllypuro, Tampere, was supplied with standard dimensions as well as loading space solutions according to their own dimensions, colors and equipment. Extreme weather conditions, such as snow loads, were also taken into account in the solutions.


The significant expansion of Kesko’s grocery division’s central warehouse located in Hakkila, Vantaa consists of the delivery of approximately 30 loading bays and a total of approximately 50 lift doors and fire sliding doors, as well as their installation work.

Horizontal quick-rolling door

At the beginning of 2019, we delivered and installed two horizontally opening quick-rolling doors for our customer in Kouvolaa, which are not quite the most usual type of industrial door. The roller doors open quickly and smoothly to the sides, which speeds up the passage through them even more.

We offer our customers a professional spare parts and maintenance service: we supply spare parts and offer a maintenance service contract, which can be used to ensure fast and professional service when it is most needed.
Own products and good product knowledge ensure reliable service and safe use of equipment.

We value customers and suppliers, because without well-functioning cooperation it would be impossible to reach an excellent result. We are committed to serving our partners throughout the product’s entire life cycle. We source our spare parts globally, the right part for the right purpose so you don’t have to.

Own products and good product knowledge ensure reliable service and safe use of equipment.

We value customers and suppliers, because without well-functioning cooperation it would be impossible to reach an excellent result. We are committed to serving our partners throughout the product’s entire life cycle. We source our spare parts globally, the right part for the right purpose so you don’t have to.

Tools for creators

In addition to the spare parts and maintenance service, we offer numerous products and tools to industry, the construction industry and private individuals that we no longer need ourselves. Because we want to act according to sustainable principles and make sure that the tools find a new owner and environment, we offer some of these products for sale.

Ask for our spare parts offers and more information about our used products. Contact us – we will surely find a solution that satisfies both parties.

Service orders

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Service contracts

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Spare parts sales, used equipment

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Making large investments and acquisitions requires expertise. Thanks to our solid installation, contracting and maintenance experience, we are able to support our customers in demanding procurement processes that require a deep understanding of materials, products and operating environments.
Expert services enable us to offer our customers products from our competitors as well.

We compete for product offers on behalf of the customer and are responsible for ensuring that the result is the most cost-effective package that best serves the customer’s needs.

Our selection also includes consulting in the planning phase of the building.

Thanks to the opinion of an independent expert, the customer can be sure that during the construction phase, logistical details such as loading dock structures, capacity needs, material choices and purposes of use will be taken into account by a professional in the field.

We serve our customers all over Finland by designing, implementing and installing and maintaining lifting, folding and quick-rolling doors, burglar bars and, above all, loading bridges, equipment and facilities.
Sustainable professionalism

Anjalankoski Terästyö is a company founded in 1994 that meets the logistical needs of construction companies, the transport industry and the trade industry. We are a well-known and respected operator that serves its customers all over Finland by designing, implementing, delivering and installing as well as maintaining lifting, folding and fast-rolling doors, burglar bars and, above all, loading equipment and facilities.

Comprehensive service

Our extensive experience in the design and installation of loading and entrance solutions ensures that the implementation is cost-effective and within the agreed schedules. In addition to this, we are always able to implement the required solutions as custom work and serve our customers in the best possible way.

Make a deal with us!

In addition to design and installation work, it is possible to enter into a maintenance and repair service contract with us. This ensures that in the event of loading damage, the customer is able to minimize damage from late deliveries or congested loading docks. Our maintenance contract also enables anticipation, so the customer can prepare earlier to renew or repair existing industrial doors or loading equipment that are at risk of failure.

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We offer our customers the best loading solutions at a competitive price. We are a full-service house that believes in its skilled employees and high-quality material choices.
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Certificate of internal quality control of production (.pdf)


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